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Welcome to the! Just imagine that you are spending another evening with your friend. You feel tired of action console gaming and you are ready to try something completely new. Now it is the time to experience the best 3 player games. All you need is single PC with one keyboard and one display. Don’t you feel surprised? This the main advantage of free 3 player games. They are simple, but exciting. You may remember the first titles for SEGA, which was extremely popular during 90’s. Now you have a great chance to experience the best moment of you childhood again!

4 player games

All of this games are completely free, but should not confuse them with free to play games, because there is no need to donate at all. All you get is pure fun and a lot of happiness. Let us tell you a bit about the certain games, which can interest you! This kind of games encourage you to compete with your friend. Your main goal is to achieve the bigger score to set the first record. In most cases, both you and your friend will have the same task. Person, who will be able to perform better, is the winner. Fortunately, there is no time limits in most of games, so they may last as long as you want it too. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Sometimes, talking about multiplayer games, players forget about the option of co-operating during the play through. For example, strong boss at the end of the certain level may seem too powerful to handle with, but you friend can help you to defeat it with ease. However, there are some extremely simple games, where there is no story line at all, but most of them could be in list of fun two player games because of game play. Such experience may be a great test of your reaction and attention, so stay focused all the way through and do not forget to give your friend a chance to win, because constant winning makes no fun at all.

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